The lawful position of Aqiqah and its judgment is usually misinterpreted in our locations. Therefore it is obvious and easy to understand to know about Aqiqah in an excellent details.

 Aqiqah is an Persia phrase which is the phrase for those hair discovered on a child go. Then later on its utilization was being known as goat's which were being decreased for the kid and decreasing of the go. Soon the phrase was not just restricted to the goat's only but progressively began to be used for lamb as well and later on to all those creatures which were being decreased in the name of the kid.


Historically even before the prophet bonnet of  Muhammad  (SAW) the Arabs used to execute out Aqiqah usually for their kids.

It  is described by  the Prophet  Hadhrat Bredah that Prophet has recommended the Muslims to execute out Aqiqah.

Also in Jamih Tarmizi and Sunnan Abu Dawood (two well-known Hadith books), there is a narration in which Prophet (Peace be upon him) is exercising Aqiqah on factor of his grandsons Hasan and Husain bin Ali.

Keeping these narrations in concepts most of the commentators of the traditions have described that Prophet (Peace be upon him) did not just encourage the Muslims vocally but also revealed them usually.


Regarding the Hadith described according to most of the scholars  this does not mean it has become faraz (compulsory) or Wajib (necessary) and they are also not asking its Sunnah or Mustahab.

According to Allama Zufar Uthmani, the Hanafi  techniques Aqiqah as Mustahab (preferable) from this the lawful declares of Aqiqah is much clearly determined.  

Some people give such an significance to Aqiqah that they create it important. These people think that who has not developed an Aqiqah their Qurbani (ritual sacrifice) is not appropriate or  however this way of considering is entirely incorrect. Because when someone has become a Sahib-e-Nisaab (financially independent) during the times of Qurbani (Ritual sacrifice), only then doing Qurbani has become a must.  Regardless of if Aqiqah has been preformed or not.

And there are some those who are engaged entirely in the other and provides no such significance at all to this execute out. While being Sahib-e-Nisaab (financially independent) and don't even think of doing Aqiqah.

Some factors to keep in principles

Aqiqah is one of the well known and much liked techniques preformed by the Prophet   which maintains many advantages and recommend as it has been described by Molana Ashraaf Ali Thanwi.

1.From the above described Ah-Hadith one can take support that by doing Aqiqah the childes name is spread and people get to know about him.

2.It contains the value of dedication.

3.The Religious baptise their kid with water and say by doing this, the cooled has become a Christian; therefore it seems appropriate that in Islam there should be something identical too. Therefore by exercising Aqiqah a Islamic kid can be crowned as the plant of the righteousness of Prophet Ibraheem and Prophet Ishmael (Peace be upon them). Among the most well-known of them all has to be the acknowledging to execute the habit deal of Prophet Ishmael (Peace be upon him) and then acknowledging to execute the biggest act of them all, the Hajj. From this Hajj has to be the most well known execute out, in which both decreasing of ones go and habit deal take position. So maintaining this in concepts we see there is a amazing likeness. By doing Aqiqah, we are developing the Milat-e-Hanafee (creed of righteousness) of Prophet Ibraheem (Peace be upon him).

4.Allah the expert has given us with this advantages through the kid therefore by doing Aqiqah we are being pleased to Allah (the almighty) and looking for security from him.The other advantages is that the kid is properly secured from all wicked as it is described by many scholars, Aqiqah can not be done for the factor of the dead individual this is because Aqiqah only defends one from way of life evils.

5.Well-known main Mullah Ali Qari describes by elaborating one Hadith that, who ever wish for their kids to create and be obedient to them, then they should execute Aqiqah.

The above described, only indicates one element that doing Aqiqah is important not only from its obvious advantages also moreover it ïs the Sunnah (practice) of our dearest Prophet .

How Aqiqah should be performed

Another important factor to get obvious is that the genuine Shariah (Islamic law) has said that the Aqiqah should be done for both men and ladies, yet there are some people who only do it for the men but not the females which happens to be incorrect. This was the execute out of the Judaism people like discuss in Fathulbari.

It is described in Tarmizi that the Prophet  says that two reduce should be from the men and one deal of goat or lamb from the females.

The purpose behind this is to battle the Judaism people because they deal only one beast for the men and none for the females.

But one should keep in concepts that if one can not deal two creatures then one is enough.

Some people believe that for a men kid a men beast should be decreased and for a lady a females beast should be decreased but this is illinformed. It has been described in Tarmizi that you do not need to specify what beast should be decreased in regards to its sex.

What kind of beast should be decreased, what is allowed, what age should it be and what mistakes should the beast not have?

To know all the solutions to this, one should assess with the suggestions and control regarding Qurbani (ritual sacrifice) so which ever beast is allowed for Qurbani, is for Aqiqah.

According to this, one can keep locations of Aqiqah in a Qurbani when it is of a huge beast like a cow or even a camel because they have seven locations.

There is an unclear problem regarding the cuboid of the beast of Aqiqah, should they be damaged or just dislocate them kind the sites. One should know that not splitting the cuboid of the Aqiqah beast from the center or dislocating them from the sites maintains no advantages according to the Hanafi and Malaki techniques of considering.

Some people have given the declares of Wajib (necessary) in not splitting the cuboid and developed it banned to do so. This considering needs to be set as it is definitely incorrect and this is the very purpose why college students reduce this idea.

How should you spread the various foods of Aqiqah

The various foods of Aqiqah can be allocated ether prepared or raw. If one wants to provide the various foods in he can. Provided that no cash or any kind of current is approved in come coming back like it is very typical in marriages. If approved in what ever kind the Aqiqah will not be genuine. If in some situation one cant quit this then the cash or the provides taken earnings coming back of Aqiqah should be given in charitable organisation to the inadequate. 

Respected Mufti Lajpoori has recommended us that even those features which don't involve any cash or provides should also be prevented because the worry of becoming an customized therefore it becomes Makroo (disliked in Islam).

The Aqiqah can also be absorbed by the parents and huge parents. It has become very typical that they can not eat the various foods which obviously incorrect


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